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pvc flooring is really famous at the last decade. The architects have to proceed the the new decoration products with technology. Interior designers have to consider the quality of the products which implemented at their projects.

By the way of piriltivizyon.com some of qualified interior architects have begun to implement liquid floor tiles at their concept projects. piriltivizyon.com has been the distributer of Surfloor liquid tiles for 2 years at Turkey. piriltivizyon.com not only share experiments inside Turkey, but also neighbour countries like Azerbaijan,Iran,Iraq and some of European countries.

liquid floor tiles is the best qualified and preferable product for luxury designers. As piriltivizyon.com we strongly offer liquid floor tiles for interior design like luxury hotels,pubs,highclass restaurants,discos and children play ground. liquid foor tiles are long life products and they could be waxed every 6 months period.

As sole distributer of Surfoor Turkey, piriltivizyon.com goes on business within innovative products by strong cooperation. The aim of the company as piriltivizyon.com spreading through liquid tiles not only inside Turkey,but also middle east as sole distributer of Surfloor.