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Interior Design

At the least 10 decades decoration industry has been renew itself with different types of decoration views such as newest products implementation like wall papers,flooring,wall decoration,modern and luxury decoration.

For the interior architects the product's quality which used at their projects is very significant. The first point of the project's achievement is to work coordinately with co workers and partners efficiently.

Interior designer has to improve their project's quality with their intelligence drawing and implementation of the products.So what could be the first step for interior design.

After the choosing of project place, interior architect has to make some measuraments carefully with all details of the era. The perspective of the view is very important at this segment. Every details have to be figured out at the project properly.

The second step is to choose the best decoration company for partnership. piriltivizyon.com is one of the best experienced company in decoration industry. piriltivizyon.com is reputable company especially supplying import products to elite architects.

So what could be the company's mission and target at decoration industry. The company' s manager Mehmet Uzbilek is proved himself at foreign companies which produce newest and different product for luxury decoration. Mehmet Uzbilek is the founder and owner of piriltivizyon.com. piriltivizyon.com is one of the best supplier to architects.

If we would like to underline some of elite products of piriltivizyon.com we should initially mentioned about the flooring product. piriltivizyon.com is the sole distributor company of Surfloor in Turkey. The decorators of luxury villas,luxury school decorators,pub and entertainment place decorators have been involved in Surfloor projects.

As third step we should enlarge the determination of the Surfloor brand's explanation of product. The name of the Surfloor product is liquid floor tile. At this point many dealers and architects could confuse liquid floor tile against with epoxy.

Liquid floor tile is not an epoxy,this is m+pvc tile which injected with liquıd inside. That's why we introduce as product. At the coming articles there should be explained the properties of liquid floor tiles.