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liquid flooring tiles

Liquid floor tile is one of the best innovative flooring product for using unique luxury designs as architectural luxury projects. In recent years many architects would like to offer the best project with their new and innovative products. So the specific product has to be choosen for to get the achievement of building and developing in good projects.

Liquid lava flooring tile could not be compare within segment of the other tiles. So lets talk about the properties of liquid floor tile. Firstly this product is environmentally friendly product, the raw material of the product comes from pvc. There is tiny liquid lava inside the pvc. The liquid component is cosmetic colorful liquid and harmless for human skins even if directly touch to the liquid. Liquid floor tile dimension could be changed acoording to the clients demands, however especially the standart use of dimension is 50*50*5.5mm for preferable. The liquid is not flammable and durable against many pressure as pvc material.

So where could be use liquid floor tile?

Liquid floor tile could be use many places as interior product like entertainment places as pub,disco or high class restorants, sport and fitness centers, interior pools, schools playgroud, child playground, luxury hotels mini clubs, icecream shops and due to the imagination of the dreams inside the projects.