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Preschool decoration is really important industry for all world. Because all of adult people has to register their child to preschool at the beginning of the ages. Children live their first life experiment at this schools. The are hungry to new knowladges with the beginning of the preschool periods. They learn how to live as disiplinary proceeding their lifes. And the most important thing is playing games for children. piriltivizyon.com is the supplier goods for children as different kind of industry. piriltivizyon.com is the distributor of Surfloor liquid floors in Turkey.

If we need to mention about liquid floors and explain the support of game for children we could say some details about our products. First of all the liquid floor is tile as flooring. The product is implimenting directly to the floor. There is liquid inside the tile, when the child step on it, the colorful liquid moved horizantally inside the tile. And children feels a soft stepping under their foots. And they feel happy with the effect of our floors.